Talismae Copeland


Follow Ms. Copeland, in her "juicy ripe organic-heirloom-tomato" healing journey...

Sick to healthy and "Orgasmic"! 

Do you need help navigating the alternative world of gluten, corn and dairy free foods?

I can help. I have been doing it for years now, without sacrificing flavor and quality!

​Classes, Consultations and Public Speaking appointments are available.

Some of the different times in my life that my health was affected by food and toxicity are shown here on this one page in the pictures.

Top - Me, most recently 2020, cooking gluten, corn and dairy free foods. Foods that I require to function everyday. It's not a fad for me, it's my life and I take it seriously. My weight is stable, my mind is clear and I sleep great, no stomach pain at night! I read recipes and labels to keep improving my life's journey and I am finally writing the Cookbook for gluten, corn and dairy free alternative eating. I live in Long Beach Washington and consult with chef's, clients and families on how to incorporate 'alternative eating styles' into their menu's. Life is good, and it can taste gastro-Orgasmic! (orgasmic means, joy!)

Right top- Modeling in the 1970's, I was 104 pounds and couldn't sleep, my stomach hurt constantly. College years, starting a family all happened, while I went to bed every night in pain, nothing helped, except not eating. Before I got breast implants, when it all got worse.

Right 2nd picture down, the 1980's-1990's, Naturopath, Teaching colon hydrotherapy and massage, delivering babies and helping clients through cancer recovery. Working non-stop to avoid food, relationships with people who ate toxic food, feeling myself age, and things swell. I ended up weighing over 200 pounds! 90% of it was inflammation!  

But striving to feel connected to people I could empathize with and be there for was my greatest joy during those years. I found some spiritual teachings that helped, avoiding bread helped, and feeling grateful & joyful everyday kept me going.

Right 3rd picture down, around 2015, post breast implant explant (removal) Arizona, leading support groups and workshop to help women detox and get a gluten free, dairy free diet established if they were MTHFR gene defective post breast implant removal. I started to feel better and lost the swelling/pain in my joints. My heart felt free, and I had a positive path forward with a diet that was working!  Pink hair cheered me up!

Right bottom picture, 4 years after the breast implants were removed, walking everyday, hospice chaplain, back to modeling and feeling like my best life is ahead of me! By this time, I had been collecting recipes and cooking tips for years on things (foods) that did NOT make me sick. I just emailed them to myself. Breast Implant Illness was a "spiritual Journey" for me. It took me deep into myself and gave me a group of peers, other women who were going through similar things, who also had MTHFR gene defects and who had to eat gluten, corn and dairy free. I will continue to be an Advocate for women who have had Breast Implant Illness through their recovery to their "Authentic Self".

Surrender You Win!